Discover your inner wisdom. Live your life with purpose and authenticity.

Carolyn Creed is an intuitive life coach and equine guided facilitator. Through powerful personal and spiritual development, Carolyn guides clients through transformational journeys of self discovery and healing.

What is Equine Guided Self Discovery?

Equine guided self discovery is the practice of partnering with horses for healing and spiritual enlightenment. (All work is done on the ground. There is no riding involved). Learn about the power of horses and see why this unique method of self discovery is gaining momentum throughout North America.

Life Coaching with Carolyn

Carolyn offers life coaching with and without the horses. With Carolyn’s assistance, clients across North America have made beautiful, deep connections with their inner guides. Choose from a number of life coaching packages designed to help you connect with your truest self, hear your own wisdom and move through life with purpose and fulfillment.



  • You can create peace no matter where you are, what you're doing, and what mess surrounds you. πŸ™ #mindfulMess
  • So simple, yet so profound. Love More. The world needs us to do this. Our children need us to do this. These are scary and confusing times, and as parent, it is hard not to worry about the future that is being created for them. It is easy to feel helpless and overwhelmed by just how much pain the world is in. Though we may wish for a magic wand to wipe away all of the hurt and conflict out there, we already possess the wand that will ease the conflict within ourselves. And what a wonderful place to start. I cannot change how others treat others, but I can certainly change how I treat myself. As a mother, knowing that my children are always watching, means that I AM having a significant impact on humanity's survival every single day. Loving myself first is THAT powerful. So mamas, I am calling out to you. I want you to feel how powerful you are. I want you to feel the impact you are here to make, and the change you are able to create, just by being YOU. The true you, not the false you that tries to tell you that you are not enough and that you don't have the ability to impact and serve the world just by impacting the smaller world that is your family and community. The future needs more kind and loving humans, let's show the mini ones of today how to connect to the infinite source of love within them. We can do this. Love is all we need, and we've already got it. I am deeply passionate about this and about bringing mothers together to support each other in this profound work we are doing. It's not too late to join me in the Unconditional Self-Love Challenge for Mothers if you feel the call. Link in Bio. πŸ‘† #bringingbackthevillage #thelovemoreshop #lovemorehateless #mothershelpingmothers #bethechange #bethelight #lightfromwithin #selflove
  • In a world where nothing is said And everything is felt I find home. ✨
  • In a field of buttercups and horses, shooting video for my 'Unconditional Self-Love Challenge' for mothers. It's 5 days, it's FREE, and it starts Monday! The 'good' in 'Good Mother' begins with being good to yourself. β˜ΊοΈπŸ’– Come and join me! Link in bio. πŸ‘†
  • Brothers in the Mist
  • This was one of the biggest and hardest lessons to learn when I became a mother. I had the belief, as many of us do, that being a good mother meant completely removing myself from the picture. A good mother was SELFLESS. Her needs and desires were no longer important. She should be 100% devoted to her children and high off the joy of looking after other people. Motherhood is a huge gift; isn't that enough? But how can we give of ourselves if there is no self to give from? Standing up and saying 'I am important, too' is a courageous act of self love. And it can definitely feel counter-intuitive to being a good mother. Yet it is precisely the very thing that puts the 'good' in good mother. Join me for a FREE 5 day Self-Love Challenge and start seeing how being good to you is actually the foundation in being able to show up fully for others with less guilt, frustration and stress! We start this coming Tuesday so sign up now! Link in Bio. πŸ‘†
  • WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?! WHY CAN'T YOU BE BETTER?! WHY CAN'T YOU BE MORE LIKE THAT PERSON?! These are abusive statements that I would NEVER EVER dream of saying to my child. Yet...When it comes to me... I say them to myself all the time. Why is it that we are such jerks to ourselves? Often times we don't even realize we are doing it. But if slow down and get quiet and dig a little deeper into how we show up in the world, we can hear those little meany voices loud and clear. As mothers, self-love is sooo important. How we treat ourselves is how they will end up treating themselves. And when we are kind and compassionate and forgiving and supportive to ourselves, we have that much more to give to the people who depend on us. So I created a little challenge to help us turn some of that love that we give so easily to our children, onto ourselves. Join me next Tuesday May 30th for this FREE 5 day challenge ~ Unconditional Self-Love Challenge for Mothers. Link in bio to sign up! πŸ‘†
  • Best place to spend a birthday. βœ¨πŸ΄πŸ™ #myviewfromhere
  • Well, I wasn't the only one with a birthdaaay... Happy Birthday also to my gorgeous girl Georgie!! Thank you for showing me what it means to be bold and powerful, yet still soft and loving and heart-centered. This girl has mad talent under saddle, but even more profound wisdom and gifts to share beyond the saddle. The way that she can bring people back to the knowing in their heart - she is a true healer. πŸ’– . . . (don't forget to swipe! πŸ‘‰ You won't be sorry. πŸ˜†)
  • When you are a busy mama and a horse nut you are more than happy to buy your own birthday present because it means some quiet time alone at the tack shop! (Also known as *heaven*) #dubarry Happy early birthday to me! 🎁 (what I don't want you to know is that a simple pic to send to my mother turned into wasting waaaay too much time trying to get the hero shot. πŸ™ˆ) #perfectionistproblems