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Intuitive Life Coach. Imperfection Advocate. Mess Guru.

Carolyn’s passion is helping people reconnect to their authentic selves and live their life with greater purpose. Her soft, gentle presence allows clients to fully relax and feel safe to explore their soul, listen to–and trust–their heart, and find their purpose.

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As an imperfection advocate, Carolyn feels strongly about being open and vulnerable about life and its difficulties. She encourages others to embrace the mess and chaos of their journeys, as it is directly through the mess, not around it, that we learn the most about ourselves and what life has to offer. By connecting deeply with ourselves, we can then connect to others on a soul, rather than surface, level. Carolyn believes in humanizing and advocating honest motherhood, and is open about her struggles to help others overcome theirs.

In addition to traditional life coaching, Carolyn also partners with horses to offer clients a truly experiential opportunity for deep and powerful transformation. Although Carolyn had grown up riding horses, it was during her high-risk pregnancy with her second son that she discovered there was another way to be in relationship with them.

“Throughout my difficult pregnancy I was overwhelmed with information from the medical world. There were so many messages coming at me – numbers and statistics, risks and possibilities – yet none of it actually told me anything. I craved deeper answers. I needed something far bigger and more powerful to guide me through this complicated pregnancy.

Around that time I learnt about equine guided self discovery. It was this connection with horses that carried me through difficult times. They brought me into the present, into my own body, and helped me tune in to my own guidance. Their majestic power brought light to areas that were blocked and I couldn’t see clearly. Horses helped me understand that the answers and strength I needed to get through the unknown were within me all along.

During this time I noticed the outside world is constantly sending us messages, dictating our lives. When I discovered my own strength and wisdom, I realized I was living outside-in, when I needed to be living from the inside out. Everything we need to guide us on our path is already within us. We just need to look for it.”

When Carolyn’s not helping others find their inner power and wisdom and live a life of purpose and authenticity, she’s doing the best job she can raising her two young sons. She’s also a skilled photographer who loves capturing the magic of horses (as seen in her images across this site).

Are you ready to reconnect with your authentic self and live your life from the inside-out? Learn more about the healing power of horses and Carolyn’s life coaching packages.