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Transformational Life Coach. Mental Wellness Advocate.

Carolyn’s passion is helping people reconnect to their authentic selves and live their life with greater purpose. Her soft, gentle presence allows clients to fully relax and feel safe to explore their soul, listen to–and trust–their heart, and awaken to their higher purpose.

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As an imperfection advocate, Carolyn feels strongly about being open and vulnerable about life and its challenges. She encourages others to embrace the mess and chaos of their journeys, as it is directly through the mess, not around it, that we learn the most about ourselves and our world. By connecting deeply with ourselves, we can then connect to others on a soul, rather than surface, level. Carolyn believes that EVERYONE has value and worth and is capable of doing extraordinary things.

Carolyn combines her passion and reverence for horses with her mindfulness transformation work to help clients really experience their own power. She truly embodies the peaceful and powerful presence of the horse so that, even when not in person, clients can still feel that energy over the phone. Her belief is that transformation happens in the present moment and in the body, not in the mind, and she is able to take people to that deep place, even on a call. When we can be deeply rooted in the present and connect with the purity within ourselves we can see that our lives are not defined by the outside world and external circumstances. Instead we are creating our lives moment by moment and have the power to be and do anything we want. We are not who we think we are in the mind, and we are not what is happening outside of ourselves. The true You is within your heart, and every thing you need you already have.

“Throughout my 20 year journey with a mood disorder I lived as a prisoner in my own mind. I held to the idea that my thoughts, my limiting beliefs, my illness, what I did and how “well” I did it defined who I was. I felt weak and horribly flawed, and I thought that in order to do something really meaningful in this life and have the impact I wanted to have, I needed to change. I needed to be different; to do something or be someone else. I was cut off my heart and the truth of who I was.

It was through the combination of horses and mindfulness that I was able to see myself clearly. I was able to, not just see, but experience who I was, as I was. Not just some limited diagnosis in a medical textbook. There was nothing I needed to do or change, instead I just needed to sink deeper into the power and the wisdom that was already, and always, within me.

I now use my own story to help inspire and empower others to see that they are not who they think they are; they are so much more.”

When Carolyn’s not helping others find their inner power and wisdom and live a life of purpose and authenticity, she’s doing the best job she can raising her two young sons. She’s also a skilled photographer who loves capturing the magic of horses (as seen in her images across this site).

Are you ready to reconnect with your authentic self and live your life from the inside-out? Learn more about the healing power of horses and Carolyn’s life coaching packages.