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‘POWERFUL WOMAN. PEACEFUL MOTHER’  is a 6 week group coaching journey to reconnect with the powerful woman inside the mother – the one who got a little lost along the way when stress, overwhelm and putting everyone else first became the new way of life.
For 6 weeks will you be held and supported in a community of other amazing women who are ready to show up fully as their true selves and be the mom that they so want to be. You will be guided through a soulful experience of waking up to your truth and your power; of feeling connected to your soul and in touch with your inner wisdom.
It is a journey of becoming a more conscious, calm and centered parent by becoming a more confident and authentic YOU.
As a mother we often feel like we are just running around frantically trying to keep our heads above water. Without feeling connected to our authentic self we end up just ‘doing things,’ ‘going places’ and reacting to everything and everyone that comes at us. We end up feeling like we are being controlled by a force greater than us and living in a constant state of ‘too much to do and too little time.’ Sometimes we can start to feel resentful that we are constantly giving so much and feeling depleted all of the time.
And because you cannot give from an empty cup, Now is the time to fill yourself up.
This group coaching journey is for you if:
+ You are done with feeling so stressed out, reactive and drained.
+ You are done with feeling out of control and constricted all the time.
+ You are ready to create space for you to blossom and shine.
+ You are ready to have a stronger knowing of who YOU are, what YOU want, and where YOU are going.
+ You want to feel more connected to your intuition and inner knowing.
+ You want to feel happier and more fulfilled.
+ You want to have better relationships with your kids and spouse.
+ You want to feel more calm and centered no matter how much chaos surrounds you.
+ You want to feel like there is more spaciousness and joy in your day to day.
+ You know that it’s not what you say but how you Be that has the greatest impact on your kids.
+ You know that you are not just a ‘mom’ and you are ready to awaken to your unique gifts.
+ You want to feel supported and surrounded by other moms going through exactly what you are going through.
This is NOT for you if:
+ You are fine with being ruled by Time and To Dos.
+ You do not believe that what you do is what they will do. That how you Be is who they will Become.
+ Your relationships with your spouse and kids are just fine the way they are.
+ You are fine with passing along your inherited baggage to your kids.
+ You are happy being a Mom and don’t feel the need to expand beyond that identity.
+ You are not willing to see just how powerful and magical you are.
+ You already feel like you are living up to your full potential.
+ What you are creating in your life is meaningful enough.
+ You don’t need any support and are fine with doing everything alone.
+ You already know exactly what you’re doing and where you’re going.
+ You don’t feel the need to be more calm and present with your family.
+ You don’t mind being a constant giver and have plenty of energy to keep on giving.
What’s included:
:: 6 x 90 min group Zoom calls.
:: Private facebook group for daily sharing and support.
:: Weekly tools and exercises.
:: Relaxing guided meditations.
:: Journal prompts for reflection and tracking of your journey.
:: A personalized intuitive horse wisdom message just for you.
:: $297 (usd)
We begin on June 13th.
Space is limited to keep the group intimate.