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go deep. come home.

“The deeper you go on the inside, the further you can go on the outside.”

And it’s time; time to go further than you ever thought possible, by going deeper than you’ve ever gone before.

You are here for a reason. To serve a higher purpose that is in complete alignment with your truth. You are here to be the fullest expression of you. To feel deeply fulfilled and abundant and connected to your soul. And you know that if you don’t step into your highest vision and do what you came here to do, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

But this is not a place we can get to with the mind. It is a place we must embody, and we can do so by looking to the horse.

“Sending a thank you to Carolyn Creed! I was going through a period of change with my life and business and finding it difficult to find time for introspection, meditation or anything that meant staying still. She helped me find my center and identify why I was experiencing those blocks. She was able to feel my frustration and gently guided me to clear those blocks. The space she held for me was beautiful and her intuition was so incredibly accurate.” Christine Juckett, New Jersey, USA


The beauty and magnificence that we see in the horse comes from their ability to hold both power and softness together. They are the true embodiment of balance, harmony, peace and freedom. Their presence, both physically and energetically, invites us to connect to our soul and our inner wisdom. When we can do that, we can then step into our higher purpose and limitless potential effortlessly. Your soul came here to do important work and to be fully expressed. You know that and you feel it deeply, but pushing, forcing and hustling is just not the way that works for you. You want to work with flow, with ease, with magic and intuition. And this is so possible when we embody the way of the horse. For 12 weeks, with the horse as our energetic guide, we will work through all of the blocks – the conscious AND the unconscious ones – that have been getting in the way of you stepping into your highest potential. We will have weekly 1:1 75 min deep coaching sessions, with a week off in the middle to allow space for integration. You will also receive monthly horse wisdom messages along with a personalized video from Georgie ‘The Heart Horse.’


  • 4 x 75 min coaching calls per month (middle month has 3 calls)
  • Unlimited email support
  • 1 bonus call to be used at any time

Investment ~ $2,400 usd

“Before my session with Carolyn I was having issues embracing my inner strengths. I was in a state of self-criticism, focusing on my weaknesses not my inherent strengths. Carolyn was the perfect guide and presence to move me through and out of my consistent habit of finding fault with myself. Carolyn really heard me! She heard me better than anyone I’ve ever spoken to. She helped me unlock confidence in myself. She has a gentle, yet powerful way of helping you get grounded, feel secure in yourself and see the vital need for your unique presence in the world. I love Carolyn! She has a unique ability to get you to a still place, a space of peace and clarity so that you can heal the wounds that are ready for your love and attention. I can now step onto my power path and live a more enriched life. I have reclaimed my inner intuitive, creative & wild medicine woman. I am able to experience more of myself; my core nature has taken root.” Katie Grace Anderson, Indiana, USA


All work together begins with a conversation first to see if we are the right fit and there is energetic alignment. The space I hold in these complimentary sessions is just as powerful as the space I hold for clients. Even if we do not embark on a journey together, you will still experience some profound shifts and walk away with a deeper connection to your heart.

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Please note:

Life coaching sessions take place by phone or Skype. Horse sessions take place in Markdale, Ontario, 2 hours outside of Toronto and are available a la carte. Please email me for more info or to book a time. Spaces are limited and weather dependent.

Equine guided (or equine assisted) self discovery is not ‘horse therapy’ or ‘therapeutic riding’. Everything takes place on the ground, there is no riding involved and no prior horse experience is necessary.