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See the real You.

As prey animals, horses are highly sensitive and intuitive. In the wild, their life depends on their ability to read the energy around them to alert them to danger. Their natural instincts help them see beyond facades to read underlying emotions and intent. If another enters their space, horses can quickly distinguish between friend and foe based on their energy. They are fully present and conscious of their surroundings.

Horses will show you when they’re calm, happy, playful, curious, but also when they’re frightened, angry or sad. They communicate with their bodies and their energy and set boundaries in subtle ways. Their behaviour teaches us to be more aware of our own emotions, intuition, boundaries and communication skills.

Equine guided or equine assisted life coaching

The authentic language of horses.

As humans, we have been conditioned to act, think and feel in a certain way. As a result we are disconnected from our own intuition and from the power each of us holds in being our true, unique selves. From an early age we are taught to conform, so we move through life trying to become what we think we ‘should’ be, instead of being all that we already are.

Horses can often read us better than we humans can read each other. They can help us unlock the door to our truest selves, allowing us to see how we show up in the world and relate to one another–whether it’s authentically or not. When entering a horse’s space, they will react based on our emotions and intent–even if we’re not immediately aware of these feelings ourselves. Like a mirror for the soul, they read our energy and reflect it back at us.

Partnering with horses and learning to speak their language of authenticity, helps us discover and connect with what’s really going on within.

Awareness is the first step towards healing your soul, finding your inner strength and reconnecting with your true self. Only from that place can we move forward on our path of purpose and live the life of our dreams.

“Being called to be in the presence of horses is a magical thing, but you need someone with you to be your guide–to act as a bridge between your inner world and the energetic messages the horses so bravely bring forth. Carolyn’s gentle, yet powerful, approach to guiding me through this process was so moving. The messages from the horses were so profoundly what I needed to hear, feel, and acknowledge. Carolyn’s presence and natural intuition was essential in order to see what lessons were being offered for me. She is a true strike of magic.” Jenica Emily Ann, Victoria, BC



Equine guided self-discovery (also known as equine assisted facilitation) is the practice of partnering with horses for healing, self discovery and personal development. Equine guided self discovery can help you:

  • Nurture a deeper connection with your authentic self
  • Get out of your head and into your heart
  • Find inner peace
  • Become calm among chaos
  • Create a stronger sense of self identity
  • Unleash greater confidence in yourself
  • Develop the ability to be more forgiving to yourself and others
  • Learn how to be present and live in the moment
  • Find the strength and answers within you
  • Understand how to set boundaries
  • Uncover your dreams and set foot on the path towards achieving them


Calm and intuitive, life coach and equine guided facilitator Carolyn welcomes you into a sacred, completely confidential and safe space where you are free to express yourself without fear or judgement.

Whether in person, or virtually over skype video, Carolyn and the horses gently guide you towards clarity and discovering your inner wisdom. It’s the perfect sanctuary to seek answers to difficult questions, calm life’s chaos, and reconnect with your soul.

Seeing the horses in their naturally peaceful and grounded state reminds us that being in that way is possible for us at any given moment. They connect us with the wisdom and truth in our hearts, and help us move away from the “untruths” and myths we create in our minds.


And that is when the transformation begins.

“Amazing! I can hardly believe the power of my emotional reaction to being with the horses. I was struck with their beauty and my own vulnerability. To my surprise my interaction with the horses challenged me and brought to the surface some difficult issues. With Carolyn beside me, gently guiding and interpreting, I was able to find trust and a connection with these special animals. I ended the session feeling inspired and having reached something of a breakthrough in my sense of self-worth. I am truly thankful for this experience.” Meagan Strong, Vancouver, BC

Please note:

Equine guided (or equine assisted) self discovery is not ‘horse therapy’ or ‘therapeutic riding’. All work is done on the ground and no experience with horses is required.