10 Min Meditation for Beginners - How to Reap the Benefits of Meditation

Did June shake things up for you? Let this quiet things down

I’m so excited for July – for the sole reason that it is not June!

I feel like June gobbled me up and spat me out and I am dusting myself off, looking back in shock and going – what the hell was that?!

It was intense, to say the least. What was June like for you?

What I know I can count on from these intense periods, however, is that there will be so much growth and learning – if I remain open and willing to learn, no matter how much shiz is hitting the fan.

How do we remain open when life is, seemingly, blowing up?

Well, what kept me in one piece was my daily meditation practice.

I know, I know…who has the time? Who has the patience?!!

Well this week I’ve got a 10 min nugget for you – just 10 mins!​

This is great if meditation still feels a little new and intimidating for you, or if you’ve been away from your practice for some time (it happens to us all) and could use a little kick start to get going again.​

Click below to practice with me

When we put in just that little bit of commitment and intention to practice our meditation every day, the bumps and bruises of everyday life do not turn us away from life.

Let this 10 min meditation for beginner’s (or for beginning again) help you turn towards daily meditation, so that you can turn, with heart wide open, towards all that life, the good days (or months) and the bad ones, has to offer you.​

I’d really love to know – what’s one hard lesson June taught you? Hit REPLY and tell me more, I LOVE hearing from you!


So much love,