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Anything is Possible! (If you can forget about THIS 😬)

Get Out of Your Head | Drop all JUDGMENT, FEAR & DOUBT and Believe ANYTHING is Possible!

Have you ever watched children playing and just been in awe of how they talk about all the things they’re going to do with such confidence and zero limiting beliefs??

How they just claim whatever they want and then there’s zero worries about how it’s going to happen. Or what if they fail. Or what if they’re not good enough.

It’s just; I’m going to be an astronaut! – Period! No what if’s. No doubts. No worries. No fears.

It’s considered Done! End of story. Because there is no story.

They don’t have a story because they don’t have a past. And our past is what holds us back from a future of limitless possibility.

While we jaded adults can’t erase the past and get a do-over, we can practice this tool to access same ‘fresh eyes’ perspective that children naturally hold.

My horse teacher, Skye, reminded me of this practice the other day when I went to introduce something that could have been a big, scary monster.

I share that story and 3 ways to use this practice in this weeks video so that you can reclaim that fresh eyed perspective and actually believe Anything is possible! (because it is!! 😃)

Meet me in the comments – I really really love hearing from you! – and let me know what might be possible for you if you could hold your dreams with the same kind of openness that Skye embodied?!

Or hit REPLY and let me know!

much love,

Carolyn 💞