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Are you a sponge for other people’s emotions?

Empaths | Can’t Stop Taking on Someone Else’s FEELINGS? Try this!

Oh the eternal empath struggle…

How do I not absorb the energy of the people around me – especially when they are having a hard time?

This week’s video was inspired by a comment on my last video. (Your comments are gold to me, keep em coming!)

I’ve been talking a lot lately about the fundamental empath principle that is; Huge heart + Saying No = Guilt!

But what if it isn’t so much guilt you feel for setting a boundary, it’s more like you just feel…well, whatever they’re feeling. You just feel bad.

If they’re having a hard time, how can you not feel bad?

Well, if you really want to help, which of course you do, then there’s a super important mantra I share in the VIDEO that you may want to write down and refer to whenever you find yourself in the vortex of someone else’s emotional struggle. (Mamas, alldayeveryday right?! 🙋‍♀️)

Let me know in the comments if you found it helpful. 😃

I have so much more to say about keeping your energy to yourself while still sharing your heart and compassion with those who need you, but it’s so helpful when I hear from you about what specific questions you may have. Hit reply and let me know!

In this season of renewal and rebirth 🌱 I have many new projects beginning to sprout that I can’t wait to share!
I’m so curious, what exciting new energies are beginning to wake up for you?! Hit REPLY and share with me!

much love,
Carolyn 💖