Beautiful Boundaries

Set Guilt-Free boundaries

& set your soul free!

Who is this for?

You are an empathic, sensitive woman who feels everything and wants to take care of everyone. You have a big, beautiful heart - but sometimes it almost feels too big.

You care so much, that you don't want to let anyone down.

You care so much, that you don't want anyone else to suffer.

You care so much, that you don't want to make anyone feel bad.

You care so much, that you always want to help in any way you can.

You're a care-taker by nature, giving to others is very important to you, but all this giving.....has taken it's toll on you.

Your well is dry

You're dying for some time to yourself - but you feel guilty taking it.

You know you need space just for YOU - but you feel selfish claiming it.

You know you have to say 'No, I can't' - but you feel mean saying it.

You know you need to set better boundaries - but you feel so uncomfortable doing it! 

I Totally Understand...

As an empath and highly sensitive person...

I used to think that because I could feel the pain of others,

it was my job to take it away.

I used to think that because I could feel so much within me,

it was my fault that I didn't have thick enough skin; that I couldn't just 'suck it up' and 'get on with it.'

And I used to think that because no one ever talked about all this feeling stuff, it was my responsibility to push it all down to avoid making others uncomfortable.

So began the journey of doing whatever it took to hide my true self so that I could feel "normal." Of stuffing all those feelings down so that I could feel accepted.  Of trying to make everyone happy so that I could feel loved.

Does any of this sound familiar...?

Welcome to the ways of

The People-pleaser

Where you give yourself away in order to get what you think is missing. Except you forgot one very important thing;

You ALREADY have it within you!

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Now is the time for you to remember

Now is the time to finally say 'No More!' to the things that deplete, drain and exhaust you, so that you can say 'YES, More Please!' to the things that light you up, replenish your heart and nourish your soul. And to say it loudly and proudly - with ease, with confidence and ZERO GUILT!

Now is the time to set your soul free from the stress, anxiety and frustration of being a people-pleaser and taking care of everyone BUT you, by setting, healthy, empowering, Beautiful Boundaries.

Learn how to make space for yourself

so that you can take care of your people without feeling frustrated and resentful.

Learn how to identify your needs

so that you can also take good care of YOU without feeling selfish.

Learn how to set firm but loving limits

on your time and energy, without feeling like you need to apologize.

Learn how to feel at peace

with being a (more than!) good enough parent, partner, daughter, aunt, best friend, employee

without feeling guilty that you're letting people down.

Learn how to trust your intuition

so that you can make crystal clear decisions that feel good to you

without over-thinking, second-guessing and constantly doubting yourself.

Learn how to enforce your boundaries

so that you can handle disrespect with ease and grace without feeling like a B*tch.

Learn Compassionate Communication skills

so that you can express yourself confidently without feeling rude or uncaring.

Can Boundaries really feel this good?


But I totally get it. Boundaries are not something we are taught, and so to big-hearted folks like us, it's all too easy to think that setting boundaries means you have to:

Build fortress like walls around you.

Push people away.

Shut people out.

Be someone you're not by being forceful, cold, rigid and....*gasp*.....HEARTLESS?!!

(oh the horror, right?!)

But it doesn't mean that at all. In fact, having good boundaries means you get to be more of who you truly are. It means having even more love to share.

And that means you get to live a more peaceful, balanced, joy-filled life because of the very boundaries that you have put into place.

Who Leads it?

Hi, I’m Carolyn and I used to have horrible boundaries - which means I had zero boundaries! I grew up in an extremely co-dependent relationship where I actually believed we were the same person.  This may work well for fun TV shows like Gilmore Girls, but in real life it is exceptionally toxic and damaging. I fully believed that my purpose in life was to rescue them, and so everything I did, every thought I had and every breath I took was in some way to support, uplift and take care of them.

Add being an empath, with being an introvert and one plus one equals People-Pleaser! 

It was until my own journey of becoming a mother merged with my life-long yearning to be around horses that I came to realize how essential  healthy boundaries are in every single relationship and area of our lives.

I wanted to marry my experience of healing the damage that this co-dependency had on me and my spiritual quest to find out who I really was, with the magic and wisdom of horses - these majestic gentle giants who remind us that True Power comes from our ability to hold non-judgemental, fully present, unconditional love for ourselves, which we can then offer others as a natural by-product.

Horses hold beautiful, loving but very clear and firm boundaries - they have to in order to survive as a herd. We are no different! Without knowledge of where our boundaries are and how to set and enforce them, we simply cannot thrive. Mentally, emotionally and spiritually we will keep drifting further away from the truth of who we are as we continue to chase love and acceptance outside of ourselves. After a decades long battle with depression, anxiety and feeling like life was always happening to me instead of for me, my journey home to myself allowed me to become the mother, the partner and the lover of life I knew deep down I was meant to be, but couldn't quite access under the many layers of shame, judgement and self-criticism.

So I put all of this teaching and experience together to create...

~ Beautiful Boundaries ~

A 7 week

Transformational Group Program.

~ Learn to differentiate between ‘Nice’ and ‘Kind’ (This is so important!)

so that you still get to be the loving person you are without completely giving yourself away.

~ Learn the Energetics of boundaries

so that your energy speaks volumes about what you will or will not tolerate without you even saying a word.

~ Learn about the essential distinction between Caring and Carrying

so that you can be helpful and supportive without taking on the weight of other people’s problems.

~ Learn how to clearly define your Circle of Responsibility

so that you stop feeling like it’s your job to fix everything and make everyone happy.

~ Learn Daily Mindset Practices

that will keep you focused and on track each day without slipping into stress and overwhelm.

~ Learn tools and exercises to set boundaries with Yourself

so that you end each day feeling accomplished and nourished instead of exhausted and anxious that you didn’t do enough.

~ Learn how to dissolve fear of confrontation or ‘ruffling feathers’

so that you can powerfully stand up for yourself even in uncomfortable situations or with difficult people.

~ Learn how to untangle yourself from the thought patterns and beliefs

that keep you seeking approval so that you no longer have to give a hoot about what others think! (Ahh, what a relief amiright?!)

Here's What it Looks Like

With the fresh, renewing energy of Spring, we will begin Wednesday April 5th.

Group calls will be held every Wednesday at 1pm EST (10am PST. 6pm GMT)  

(Except for Wednesday April 26th.

 This is called Integration Week,

which allows space for processing and applying all this powerful learning into your life.)

A Private Group for interactions and support between calls.

Weekly Exercises and Homework to deepen your practice each week.

Partner Play so that you become a Jedi Master of The Art of Saying No

 so that you can care a lot, without caring so much that it's killing you.

(I call this Giving the Perfect Amount of F*cks.)

Sound good?!

click the button below to book a quick call

so we can make sure it's the perfect fit for you.

(I can't wait to speak with you!)

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So Ask Yourself

What would it feel like...

To remove the crushing weight of being responsible for everyone’s happiness?

To have the space and breathing room for yourself while still taking good care of your loved ones?

To have the power and confidence to say No easily, and not feel once ounce of guilt?

To have that sense of freedom that comes from doing exactly and only what matters to you - living a life of intention instead of expectation?

To have a sense of harmony and ease that comes from carrying a plate that feels manageable and balanced?

To have a calm and still mind that focuses only on the few important tasks at hand and doesn’t stress about anything else?

To have more time with the people you love? To feel fully present and content when you are with them instead of distracted by all the things you should be doing?

To do all of this surrounded by other incredible, soulful women who are doing this sacred soul work alongside you - cheering you on, holding you accountable and reminding you that you’re not alone?

Imagine how peaceful, light, FREEING and supportive that would feel?

If you’re ready to learn The Art of saying No

 so that you can say Yes! to more of what lights you up and fills your cup

then begin by saying YES to YOU by joining me inside Beautiful Boundaries.

This program will only benefit those who are committed to doing the deep work required.

The group will be small and intimate and therefore spaces are limited.

Click the button below to book a quick call

so we can ensure it's the right fit.

(I can't wait to speak with you!)

I am ready to set myself free!

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