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Does saying No make you feel like Cruella de Vil?

Empaths | How to Set Boundaries Without Feeling Like a B*tch!

Ok, putting aside the whole ‘making a coat out of puppies’ thing, does the idea of saying ‘No’ make you feel like a cold-hearted villain?

For some reason we sensitive empaths think that saying ‘No’ is the equivalent of saying; I couldn’t care less about your problems because I only care about what I want and anyone or anything else be damned!

How is possible that the most caring and big-hearted people on the planet are constantly worried about seeming like they don’t care?!

I totally get it – You want to ‘do the right thing’. You want to be nice and amiable. And of course, you do care deeply and want to help others in any way you can!

But there are two very important shifts we must make in order to live out those beautiful intentions.

We need to reframe society’s backwards messaging around what kindness callousness actually looks like.

And, we need to make a vital distinction about the word caring.

I talk about both of these in this week’s video, How to Set Boundaries Without Looking Like a B*tch.‚Äč

Check them out Here and meet me in the comments to let me know if any light bulbs went off for you!

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P.S. I am putting together a transformational program that teaches you how to have healthy boundaries. Not only will you learn what to do and say to set those boundaries, but you will also learn how to embody them, allowing your energy to enforce them without having to do or say anything at all! (Just like the horses do.)

If you struggle with boundaries I would greatly appreciate 20 mins of your time to ask some questions to help guide the curriculum. This is for research purposes only. You can schedule a quick interview here:

I look forward to speaking with you!