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EMPATHS | Trying to Set Boundaries? START HERE!

I bet you know all too well the sting and the pain that comes from having your boundaries crossed, don’t you?

That feeling of suffocation that comes from having so many people, with all of their needs, encroaching into your space?

And that feeling of anger and resentment that comes after you give and give and give so much, with nary an ounce of consideration in return?

Yet that problem of having your boundaries crossed is not the actual problem.

The problem begins waaay before that and must be addressed first if you want to have healthier boundaries.

I talk about that in this week’s video Need to set boundaries? Start HERE.

I also address the 3 Circles of Responsibility and give you a quick tip you can use every day to define those circles. You will definitely want to check those out so be sure to watch the video HERE!

Meet me in the YouTube comments and let me know what super tiny action is in one of your circles?

I LOVE reading your responses!

​much love,


P.S. I am putting together a transformational program that teaches you how to have healthy boundaries. Not only will you learn what to do and say to set those boundaries, you will also learn how to embody them, allowing your energy to enforce them without having to do or say anything at all! (Just like the horses do.) If you struggle with boundaries I would greatly appreciate 20 mins of your time to ask some questions to help guide the curriculum. This is for research purposes only. You can schedule a quick interview here:

I look forward to speaking with you!