evening guided meditation,evening guided meditation 10 minutes to end your day relax and unwi

Evening Guided Meditation to End your Day Relax and Unwind

We are rounding summer’s corner and now it’s end is in sight – how are you feeling about that?

I know for me, August automatically brings up those bittersweet feelings – summer is still very much here, but it’s ending becomes more palpable with each passing day.

But the good news is…..Endings are just new beginnings!

Endings……IF we embrace them…..are an invitation to feel into greater possibilities.

This is something we can practice each evening as we face the end of the day.

No matter what will unfold today – some of it delightful, some of it disappointing (and of course, some days, the entire day feels like a huge disappointment!) But no matter whathappens, the end of each day is an opportunity to let go of it allso that we can let in more of what we want tomorrow.

This week’s Guided Evening Meditation will help you wipe the slate clean so that you can completely relax, unwind and fall into a beautiful slumber and wake up feeling renewed and restored and ready for tomorrow.

The start of a great day actually begins the night before!

Let this week’s practice help you let go each night so that you can let in more goodness each day.
If you could let it more and more….and even more!… each day in August, imagine how much you might be able to extend the deliciousness of summer??!! 😎

That is what I am going to hold space for this August – and it begins this evening! I hope you will join me. ☺️

Wishing you blissful sleep and beautiful days,