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Everything is Unfolding Perfectly…OR IS IT?!

Get Out of Your Head and TRUST that Everything is Unfolding PERFECTLY!

Do you trust that everything is unfolding perfectly in your life?

I remember many many years ago wanting to believe that, like really truly believe it – in my bones, not just in my wishes.

But when I looked around at my life, the glaring mistakes and failures and the list of things that hadn’t worked out spoke otherwise.

Or did they?

Here’s the truth about your life unfolding “perfectly” – it will often appear, and most certainly feel, far from perfect at the time.

Horse teacher, Skye, reminded me of this truth after I made a big mistake with her recently. I share what happened and the learning that followed in this week’s video; CLICK HERE.

Meet me in the comments and let me know where you are on the trust scale. Is it a ‘that’d be nice if it were true‘ kinda level or is it a deep knowing in your bones? Or somewhere in between? LET ME KNOW!

much love,