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Manifest FASTER!! 🪄

Live your Dream life NOW! With this Guided Mindfulness Meditation

What if your dreams could just fall into your lap?

Would you let them?

Of course I would! you’d probably think.

But that’s the problem right there. We think too much about our dreams.
And all that thinking usually has us spinning in circles asking;

Yeah but – How?? I don’t know how that’s going to happen!
Yeah but – When??! It’s taking too long!
Yeah but – What if….What if I don’t have what it takes?
Yeah but – What about aaall these circumstances in my life right now that tell me it’ll just never happen?!!

And all that thinking pushes you further and further away from the feeling of your dreams.

Feeling is what allows your dreams to flow. And if could just allow that flow – that’s already flowing – then there’s nothing stopping those dreams from falling into your lap!

Except…the massive dam we’ve built out of the concrete and steal-like elements of thinking called logic and reason.

The mind works with evidence. The body works with experience. And with the help of guided meditation, we don’t need to wait for some far off future to experience our dreams.

The future evaporates the moment we become present.

So live your dreams Now with the this week’s Manifestation Meditation | Live in the Present and WATCH your Dreams Come Alive!

Will you stop waiting for your dreams to happen and let them come alive right now so that you can manifest faster?

I hope this meditation will help you do just that. Meet me in the comments and let me know what you think feel!

Much Love,
Carolyn 💞