morning meditation for energy and motivation,morning meditation for energy and motivation get ready to feel alive

Today is the day for…??

Wanna know the best thing about today?

You have never ever lived this day before!

Wanna know the worst thing about today?

You might forget the above, and wander through today exactly as you’ve done every day before.

But that’s ok, I’m here to remind you that every single day – no matter how similar it may appear to the day before it – holds the opportunity to completely change your life.

If….and it’s a very big IF…..If you use the day.

No, I’m talking about some Carpe Diem crap.

‘Seize the Day’ invites the idea of aggressive action that our culture is obsessed with.

But when you use the day – when you arrive to each moment with an openness and willingness to use absolutely everything that unfolds for your growth, healing and expansion – this is when you really start to come alive!

Not because you accomplished a lot of things – but because you expanded even more to become the only thing that you are – your True Loving Self.

So come and practice with me with this week’s Morning Meditation for Energy and Motivation.

Let’s get all of your cells fired up and ready to use the day for the transformational event that it can be!

Meet me in the comments and let me know how you will use today to become more You than you’ve ever been before. 💖

Or hit REPLY and tell me the one thing you will NOT do today that doesn’t align with your True Loving Self. I LOVE hearing from you!

So much love,