You Being You, Making a Difference

(while making money!)

soulful Business made simple for sensitive Entrepreneurs

Get Out of Your Head...

You can and WILL get out of your head and confidently share your gifts so that you can make the impact you want to make, show up as who you really are, help people, make money and move forward with your dreams.

All it really takes is just finally doing it - writing that post, creating that offering, filming that video, setting a date for the workshop...

But that isn’t easy when your head is filled with thoughts about failure, judgement, doing it wrong, sounding stupid, so then you don’t do it, and you beat yourself up and feel like a total loser.

You’ve been on quite the journey, you’re healing generational trauma, you’re reading all the books, listening to all the podcasts. You can’t even believe how far you’ve come in just a few years. So why can’t you put yourself out there?

You are growing so much and now you are ready to be the YOU that you knew was inside you all along…

You Are Ready

You have notebooks full of ideas, you've built your website and printed the business cards, but when someone asks what you do you feel yourself turtling back into your shell.

You’re making lists, coming up with the greatest plans, but still nothing really seems to be happening.

You are watching other people around you step into bigger versions of themselves - hosting events, being guests on podcasts or featured in articles, and you’re wondering; what the hell is wrong with me??

You feel you know better than this. You’re smart, you’re wise, you know what to do, but you just can’t seem to do the damn things.

You want to believe in your dreams, you really do, you write out your visions and you say your affirmations, but in the back of your mind you still worry: "what if I just don’t have what it takes to be a "business person"??

I Get It

I really do. I’d spent 35 years living in my head, paralyzed by fear. I KNEW in my heart that I was here to do something big and to contribute to the world in a meaningful way, so it almost made it even worse now that I was aware. It was almost better back when I was asleep, but now I knew better. And I’d taken the courses, I had the plan but, why couldn’t I just do it already!

But I finally got out of my head and into my heart and into action. I had to gently move through each limiting belief with so much love and tenderness. So that I could re-create my identity from the ground up. I had to UNLEARN everything the world had taught me about what success and power were all about, and why someone like me wouldn't be worthy of it. Only then was I able to become who I was at my core - A powerful woman with value to offer who could show up exactly as she was, and use her gifts of gentleness and sensitivity as superpowers to help change people's lives.

You know that you were meant for more...
You KNOW that your heart is calling you to bigger things...
You know that THE TIME IS NOW!

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Imagine what it would feel like...

You wake up every morning excited to work on your business because you know exactly what you are doing and what to focus on.

You are no longer stressing about money every second because you have a system in place (that feels good to you) and you TRUST that your success is inevitable.

When someone asks what you do you are excited to clearly talk about your work (which feels strange as an introvert since you used to hate talking about yourself. But now you KNOW that you really do have something beautiful to offer and this is exciting!!)

You are actually seeing your ideas out in the world, becoming real, taking shape - your events, offers, posts, videos - YOU are out there sharing your gifts with confidence and ease and it feels so damn good you wish you started sooner!

You are trying new things and you are NO LONGER AFRAID. Your business feels FUN, exciting, like a giant adventure that you’d be doing for free anyway, and as a bonus, you’re also starting to get paid to be on it!

Is It Too Good to be True?

I know it may seem too good to be true. Every day we are bombarded with promises and of course you’re skeptical.

You’ve already done so much inner work, you’ve tried programs from the gurus and tried to follow other systems.

I know that it may feel like you’re just not cut out for the success you dream of; that you see all around you. It doesn’t seem like someone ‘like you’ can show up really powerfully and offer your gifts to the world without feeling totally awkward and icky and like a total imposter!

But here is a promise that I feel so good making - I PROMISE you that ‘someone like you’ - introverted, quiet, sensitive with a brain full of self-doubt CAN show up powerfully and share your gifts with ease (and receive money for it!) because I am THAT PERSON!

I struggled for years with this knowing that I was meant for MORE yet everything in my life gave me evidence to the contrary. I was unhappy, unfulfilled,  struggling in my relationship, struggling with money and felt like a total loser. I’d kept myself small and hidden for so long that trying to “come out” felt so weird and unnatural and phony. Especially when I was trying to follow a guru’s system for being a serious pants professional “business woman.”

Then I discovered that I wasn’t at all who I thought I was - I was SO MUCH MORE. And when I tapped into this new way of BEING, with the help of the horses, everything changed.
Business, that used to feel so serious and overwhelming, felt FUN and easy!

I didn’t have to overthink and second guess Eeeeeverything I did. I could just show up, be me, play and have fun!

Introducing - Being Business Unschool

Doing Business backwards by Being Business First - for highly sensitive, deep feeling, over-thinking, creative souls who get paralyzed by fear at the thought of marketing, selling, branding, systematizing, profits and all the other snooze-fest serious “business-y” stuff.

An 8 week paradigm shifting, unschooling “de-program” for people who think differently. And feel deeply.

We are going to clear out and unlearn all of that outdated programming and conditioning that has you believing someone like you can’t be successful. Or that "Business" has to look a certain way.

No more trying to be someone you are not. No more doubting that you have what it takes. It’s time for TRUST that you are absolutely on the right path and time to have some FUN with the process of building your business.

Being Business Unschool is all about re-creating your identity as a calm, confident, courageous entrepreneur and holding the vibration of success, abundance and wealth first, then having FUN, playing and experimenting with the outer expressions second, so that you can gain some momentum in your business and feel excited and energized about sharing your gifts and know you are finally making the difference you’ve been dreaming about for years!

I know you’ve tried so many programs and courses before but you still feel stuck in your head, so naturally you are wondering why would this one be any different.

Well I’m so glad you asked because I can’t wait to share why….

Hi I'm Carolyn

Hi, I’m Carolyn and I spent most of my adult life stuck in my head, unable to move forward, believing something was seriously wrong with me. When I was diagnosed with Bipolar II Disorder my worst nightmare was realized - there indeed was something seriously wrong with me. It was my brain! It was broken, flawed, something I’d just have to accept and get used to. With my broken brain and my introverted, quiet nature, I wasn’t exactly the poster child for “Powerful Entrepreneur,” yet the rebel in me was determined to make my own way and felt these creative gifts always burning inside me.

So I hustled and pushed my way through two businesses, first with photography, and then with the photo album company my partner and I created, determined to not let my broken brain or sensitive nature get in the way of “what it takes” to be successful. It worked, sort of, temporarily, when I was feeling well, and was disastrous when I wasn’t.

But it wasn’t until my pregnancy with my second son went sideways when I finally got the wake up call (my ‘shakening’ as I like to call it) that I needed.

With the masterful help of the horses I was able to slow down enough to see what was real and what wasn’t. That believing all the messiness of my mind was actually creating a very messy reality! And that with these internal belief structures, no amount of hard work and hustle would ever get me where I wanted to go.

I was ready to create a business from my soul, that would help others and allow me to be me, yet a lot of the programs I found were either all about the inner work and nothing to do with how to put that into practice with regards to business. Or, it was just all about the systems, strategies and tactics, but nothing about the SOUL of the business.

Where was the program that combined BOTH? Well I couldn’t find it, so I had to create it myself.

Here's What it Looks Like

(8) weeks of 2hr training and coaching calls so you can get the support and community by your side ($1600 value)

(1) one on one call to use anytime throughout the course so you can get deep level support and in depth questions answered ($400)

Worksheets and guidebook so you can keep track of your learning, growth and results ($300 value)

Private Facebook Group for daily support and accountability so you can be side by side with your soulful biz besties (Priceless!)

Total Value: $2,500
Your Investment: Only $997!

SPECIAL 2020 SALE: Only $697!!


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Program Breakdown


Foundations of Being

Without the proper foundation a building will crumble, and your soul-based business is no different. In this module we create a foundation for success by establishing the 4 essential pillars of Being upon which everything will build; what you are Thinking, Believing, Saying and Doing.

Everything, absolutely everything we do, originates from a belief. If we want to change our results, before changing our actions, we must change our beliefs. Go from conditioned ways of being to empowered choosing.

Align thoughts and words so you are focused, clear and impeccable with your word.
Develop success habits and routines so you know exactly what you’re doing.


Being Abundant (aka MONEY!)

A business is only a business when there is Money involved, yet money is one of our most complicated relationships. So we will waste no time and dive straight into our relationship with money and unearth all those limiting and lack beliefs around us having money and creating money.

Rewire your brain so it is aligned with abundance.

Go from blocking money to becoming a magnet for it.

Practical exercises to become more open to receiving and giving.


Being of Value

In order to receive money we must give value. What is the value you are offering. I.e. your offerings, programs, services; your body of work.

Go from wishy washy to crystal clear offerings

Feel confident about What you offer and How it helps people.

Go from feeling you have to prove your worth to feeling empowered and strong in the value that you, and only you, bring to the world.


Being Visible (aka Marketing!)

No one can pay you if they don’t know about you!

Go from hiding yourself to showing up powerfully, and consistently, online and in person, without feeling like a total cheeseball.

Instead of shying away, fall in love with 'meaningful marketing' knowing that it means sharing your impact.

Release fear of judgement and criticism!


Being a Leader (aka Selling!)

Selling has such a terrible rap because we think of the typical sleazy used car salesman type using icky, manipulative tactics to force people into buying. But selling is really about enrolling people in your VISION. It’s about leading people towards better possibilities, ones that maybe they can’t see. It’s about serving.

Go from hating sales and avoiding money conversations to feeling confident and excited about selling.

Become magnetic so that people want to follow you and you don’t have to “work hard” to sell anything.

Learn about the ‘Paradox of Sales’ ~ How sales has nothing and everything to do with selling.


Being Uncomfortable (FEAR!)

Forget trying to ‘slay,’ ‘crush,’ ‘destroy,’ or ‘banish,’ your fear, it’s not going anywhere and this is actually a good thing! Waiting around til it’s gone and you finally feel ready to take the next step means you’ll be waiting around forever. But learning how to make fear your friend - now you’re unstoppable!

Make Fear go from Enemy to your new bestie!

Never got stuck in overwhelm and procrastination again.

Master techniques to help you 'Feel Everything And Rise' so that you’re always moving forward and growing.


Being Human (aka Messy & Imperfect!)

The fact that you are an imperfect and flawed human being is exactly what gives your business Soul. Leaning into your weaknesses, your weirdo-ness and really owning your imperfections is exactly what gives you that edge and sets you apart. (And you don't have to work at it because you already are it!)

Embrace being “Flawesome” and leave perfectionism behind.

Become even more loving and accepting of yourself so that you can shine your light even brighter.

Fall in love with imperfect action so that you can get results faster.


Being into Doing

Get ready for massive action these final weeks as we put all the puzzle pieces together and put our Being into our Doing. This isn't school, this UN-School! This is like Art Class for your business! It's all about playing, experimenting, tweaking and adjusting, and collaborating!

Fall in love with the Process of creating your dream business and let go of attachment to the Results.

Create important relationships, connections and collaborations as we move away from 'Me' and 'My business' into the way more beneficial space of 'We' and 'A more heart-centred planet for the good of ALL' (which our businesses are a beautiful part of).'

Have so much darn fun that you start to ask; "Can it really be this easy?!" And laugh when you realize; "Yes! Yes it can!


This will be the second round of this revolutionary program. After only a couple of weeks the women in the pilot program are already seeing REMARKABLE shifts!

It would be my absolute honour to go on this adventure with you!

I wish this was the space I had back when I was starting out. If you are ready to go on an adventure, to have business be FUN and to BE a powerful leader who gets paid to be you, then here are the steps to get started:

Click the “JOIN NOW” button

Fill out the form with your information and submit your payment

Check your inbox for a confirmation email.

Pre-work begins March 11th! First Group Call begins March 18th.

PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE! (Just email me for more info).

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Q: I barely have my business started (or not at all!) so finances are pretty tight right now. Can I really afford this?

A: I completely understand. Spending money when we are barely making any money is the scariest thing we can do, and seems totally backwards! But in actual fact, what’s backwards is the thinking that we can just go out and create wealth and a thriving business, our doing, without addressing the subconscious beliefs, our being, because our being always always drives our doing.

Q: I have a lot on my plate right now - how much time will this course take?

A: We will have a group call once a week over 8 weeks. Round 2 will commence on March 18th.

Time is finite, we are ALL pressed for time and have full plates with our businesses, jobs, families, relationships etc. But if things aren't working for you as they are right now, if you're not making the progress you want to be making, then NOT devoting time towards addressing it and getting support around it will just keep you stuck where you're at.

Q: I have taken a ton of courses already and they all promised me fame and fortune after 90 days, but I am still neither rich nor famous; how is this course different?

A: I am not promising fame and fortune after following my step-by-step system for a short period of time. Dangling the carrot of fame and fortune is exactly the problem with how business is run in our society today and, quite frankly, everyone is tired of it. We are ready for a full-blown paradigm shift and YOU, as a highly sensitive, empathic, heart-centred entrepreneur, are the perfect person to deliver this shift. What I will promise you is what it truly takes to run a business with soul - Deep, deep, inner work and re-wiring of your brain so that you can fully BE exactly who you truly are, and playful experimentation with the structures and framework, the outer work, of delivering your unique form of service to those who need it most. 

Q: Who is this course designed for?

A: This is for the big-hearted helpers, healers, coaches, facilitators, writers, designers, artists, photographers, massage therapists, yoga/meditation teachers, wellness warriors etc.... anyone who feels a deep calling in their soul to put meaningful, creative, work into the world that helps people and makes a difference and who also feels the calling to growth, expansion and ABUNDANCE, in all it's forms. But, you probably struggle with the deep-rooted belief that Business and Soul are separate, yet you are more than ready to unite forces with me and claim that Business and Soul CANNOT be separated. They must go hand in hand in order to create a better, sustainable future on this planet where thriving is the new normal.

Join Being Business Unschool!