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Sunglasses and Inner Peace 😎🙏


Ever had that mad search for your sunglasses as you’re rushing out the door?

Only to realize they’re on top of your head?! 😳

Or that frantic search for your phone when it’s already in your pocket?? 🤭

Well, our “search” for inner peace is much the same.

I mean, how often do you hear the words, find peace, get calm, go relax?

Notice a theme? It’s all about searching, going, finding peace somewhere out there. Using our mind to hunt it down.

Yet the key to finding peace – just like the sunglasses – is to STOP searching.

They’re already on your head. You already have it.

Jez, Ace and Skye so perfectly reminded me of this the other day and I share more about it in this week’s video on INSTANT INNER PEACE.


And as always, meet me in the comments and let me know if anything shifted for you. (And how cute are these guys in their fly masks?!)

much love,
Carolyn 💞