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The BFF of Boundaries

Hi! Tell me if you can answer this equation…

Big-hearted empath + Saying No = ??

Guilt. Guilt. Guilt!


Why is it that setting boundaries and feeling guilty go together like PB & J? (Except not nearly as tasty.)

Well, there are 3 reasons that you may not have considered – that you must become of aware of, if you want to feel good about saying No.

And I dive into those in this week’s video;

The Hard TRUTH about GUILT when setting Boundaries

Let me know in the comments if any of these strike a cord for you. I love hearing your insights!

If the idea of saying an easy breezy, roll right off the tongue, no big deal cuz you do it all the time, kinda NO – without feeling guilty sounds like something you could use in your life (because giving yourself away to everyone and trying to fix everything all the time is killing you) then I am so excited to share that…..

my new program, Beautiful Boundaries, is ready for you!

You can click HERE to learn more. If you’re finally ready to stop feeling guilty, mean and selfish for making YOU a priority in YOUR life, then this 7 week group program may be just what you need.

Remember, setting healthy, empowering boundaries is what sets your soul free! Are you ready to soar?!

much love,