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When it all feels too Big, Start HERE!

Feeling OVERWHELMED? Do THIS Before Doing Anything!

Spring means new life. It means new beginnings. It means possibility

Which can also mean….overwhelm!

We want to get going again after the lull of winter. We want to get started with new projects and new dreams.

But start where exactly?! When we are looking at the big picture of any new beginning, we often overthink ourselves into overwhelm by asking questions like: how is it all going to get done? How am I going to make it all happen? It’s just so big, where do I even start?!

Does that happen to you?

Well I took that question into the field with the horses and came away with this message that I am excited to share with you in this week’s video.

This is super exciting because Spring also means being able to create more videos with my master teachers and being able to share their energy and their wisdom with you.

Click HERE to watch my very first video with the horses of 2023!

​And let me know in the comments – where are you needing support with getting out of your head, into your heart and awakening to your True Power??

Your comments are important in helping me create videos that deepen your spiritual connection. 🙏

much love,