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Waiting for the “right” time? Then you need to listen to THIS!

Get UNSTUCK and STOP Procrastinating with this Guided Mindfulness Meditation for Empaths

Are you waiting for the right time to take that steps towards something

you really want? Or getting started on that exciting new project? Or

perhaps you’re waiting for the New Year to make changes because right

now things are just too crazy…?

Sound familiar?

I know this way of thinking all too well. I spent way too much of my life

stuck at procrastination station – waiting til I felt “ready,” waiting for the

“right time,” waiting til I had everything else taken care of first, before I

could step up onto that train and move towards the change I so

desperately wanted.

Yet I still have to continually remind myself of this truth;

The only right time is the now time.

As sensitive souls who get trapped in our heads, thinking and analyzing

and planning and trying to get everything “perfect” before we take action,

we can often trick ourselves into thinking we are being quite productive

while we are procrastinating. All that thinking takes time and effort,

doesn’t it?!

Yet paradoxically, the most productive thing we can do is return to

stillness and presence. This week’s horse wisdom infused Guided

Meditation will help you do just that, so that you can stop procrastinating

and start seeing the big changes you want to see begin to take shape.
Meet me in the comments and let me know what you’ve been putting off

that you’re ready to take action on right Now!

much love and forward momentum,