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Sometimes it just needs to come out 😭

Let Go of Sadness and Hurt – Meditation for Emotional Healing

The last few weeks have been hard. They’ve been hard because….

Well, there actually is no because. I’ve looked for the reasons, and there certainly are factors that lead to feelings of heaviness and sadness; the end of summer, the beginning of shorter days, an upcoming anniversary of a huge loss, my baby entering middle school…Sure, there could be an endless list of “reasons.”

Yet if there’s one thing my near 3 decades of living with depression has taught me, it’s that there doesn’t need to be a reason.

So the other evening, as I was standing with the horses in the faint light of the crescent moon, the tears erupted seemingly out of nowhere.

No reason, no logic, no justification – but with the horses standing still and peaceful beside me – there was also no judgement.

It was just the sound of their breath, the flow of my tears and the barely visible shapes of their bodies.

No explanation needed. Just a beautiful space provided. To let go of whatever heaviness needed to be released.

This week’s Guided Meditation will give you just that.

Get ready to slip into a warm bath of emotional healing as the horses stand beside you.

And don’t forget to leave me a comment and let me know if this meditation help you let go of any heaviness you may have been carrying for no reason at all.

Love and Hugs,

Carolyn 💞