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Do you love being in control? Then you MUST hear this!

RELEASE TENSION! Guided Meditation for Empaths

Being in control is the only way to live the life you want, right?

As always, the horses show us how backwards our logic is.

The more we try to be in control, the more we become stifled and controlled by the tension that builds. The accumulating anxiety, fear and frustration that arises from the false hope that controlling life is possible.

It’s like taking all the right steps to plan for a much anticipated week away at a rental by the lake, only to have your child come down with strep throat and the weather be cold and rainy. (When the week before and after was full sun and hotter than hot. The kind of hot where you’d give anything to run out the door and jump into a LAKE! 😕 Yup, I can’t make this stuff up.)

99% of life is completely out of our control. But it’s mastering that 1% that is within our grasp, that gives us what we really want when we think of being in control – satisfaction, peace, the feeling that things are happening for us not against us.

Horses cannot control the onslaught of varying weather conditions they must face, and they cannot control when, where or how a predator might jump out of the bushes and attack. But what they can do, what they must to do, is release and let go the second after any tension arises (by licking, chewing, yawning, rolling, shaking etc) so that it never builds. This gives them the power (vs control) to respond easily and effectively, in each present moment, to their circumstances.

Licking, Chewing, Yawning

In this week’s meditation will support you with releasing tension and seeing the power that comes with letting go; taking your hands off the wheel and embracing the truth that 99% of life is not your job.

As always, I LOVE to hear from you so meet me in the COMMENTS and let me know – do you feel like if you let go of control everything will fall apart?!

much love,

Carolyn 💞