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The secret to abundance that nature knows and we forget

Empaths TRANSFORM your Life! With this Guided Mindfulness Meditation for Gratitude and Positivity

It was the picture perfect late summer afternoon – warm sun, blue sky, soft breeze, birds singing and the horses lying down. Full surrender, just soaking up the warmth and the rest.

As I sat with them, the message came through loud and clear: Let yourself receive all good things.

Imagine it could be that easy – just open your wings, extend your branches, stretch out your legs and let it all in. Not, prove yourself first and then let it in. Not, let in it later when all your work is done. Not, let in just a titch in case there isn’t enough, or someone else needs it more.

Just simply because the abundance is there at all times. And simply because you are there, and whether you are a tree or a bird or a horse or a bee or a human, you can’t not receive it.

Unless, of course, we blockade ourselves from this natural flow; if we insist that it must first pass through our filter of worthiness.

But just imagine if we didn’t have to?

This week’s custom created, horse wisdom infused, guided meditation will support you with just that – with remembering that you actually don’t have to prove your worthiness before receiving all good things.

As always, meet me in the comments and let me know if you feel more open to letting in all the goodness that surrounds you.

Much love,

Carolyn 💞