Want to manifest faster? Don’t forget this one important thing!

FRUSTRATED? How to Stay in the Present Moment and Realize Your Dreams FASTER!

Are your dreams taking their sweet time to show up in your reality?

I remember back in 2016, looking out at the tiny patio of our condo in a suburb of Vancouver and thinking, How in the heck is THIS going to turn into my dream of a country property, with wide open fields and horses outside the window?!

It felt sooo far away. Nothing in my then life resembled anything close to what my heart yearned for.

Yet, 5 years later, there I was – and there they were; horses outside my window!

It’s all too easy to wish that we could just snap our fingers and have our dreams show up tomorrow. But there is something very important you have to remember that will help you see that time is actually a good thing!

I talk about that very important message that the horses helped me remember in this week’s video.

WATCH NOW to get this powerful reminder that will help you embrace time as you move towards your dreams.

I also share 3 helpful mantras you can use when you feel that frustration and impatience as you look around and see that nothing in your current reality looks the way you want it to.

Meet me in the comments to share which mantra resonated most for you. I love, love, LOVE hearing your takeaways!

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