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When People Question Your Boundaries

There are 3 things that your boundaries are NOT conditional upon when it comes to handling people’s objections (aka tantrums) when you try to set them.

Yet I wonder, how much of your precious mental and emotional energy do you spend trying to meet those conditions??

Lawd knows, I have wasted so much of my time, head space and heart space trying to pretzel myself into meeting those conditions, thinking that if I do, then I would have the right to set a boundary.

So in this week’s video I’ll share 3 huge mindset shifts you’ll need to make in order to handle people’s resistance and objections, that will inevitably come up, when you are trying to set healthier boundaries.

Click up above to find out what they are! I also share a fun exercise you can use when you’re in the heat of facing any resistance. This came about recently as I’ve been watching my son learn how to put on contacts. 🤓

Let me know in the comments if you found it helpful!!

much love as always,