Guided Meditation for Beginners - How to Move Past the Resistance & Deepen your Practice

Meditation ISN’T always easy. Here’s why that’s great

So you think, that’s it, I am going to either start or return to a regular meditation practice and I am going to be soooo chilled out this summer.

You finally make the time, you finally feel committed, you sit down and…. it just feels too hard! Hard to sit still, hard to stick with it, so you don’t.

Summer is short and you’ve got enough on your plate – no need to add anything hard to it, right?‚Äč

I get it. Yet, it’s precisely the feeling of ‘it’s too hard’ that is actually incredibly helpful!

How the heck is hard helpful, Carolyn?!

Well, it’s helpful because Life is hard!

No, not always. Sometimes, not for a long while. But then….

BAM! Sooner or later we all get hit with the hard. Losses and sickness and disappointments, oh my!

(Or travelling 10 hours to vacay in the literal middle of nowhere during a nation wide cellular and internet outage with zero way of contacting anyone and zero idea where you’re going exactly because you are so used to relying on your damn phone!! #neveragain)

No one is exempt from the natural bumps and bruises of life.

So when we sit down to meditate and stay in the room – we stay with the practice, we don’t abandon ship when it starts to get uncomfortable, we become practiced in being with the uncomfortable.

And that is an exceptionally helpful life skill. Especially when we live in a time and a culture that woos us into believing the next shiny new doodad will save us from discomfort. (See my example above. It won’t!)

Here’s the trick about discomfort – the more practiced we are in it, the less uncomfortable it becomes!

This week’s Guided Meditation will help you move deeper into your practice so that you can work past the discomfort and get to the juicy peaceful part.

Much Love,